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Awards & Testimonials


  • Winner of the Mayor of London’s Award for
    Commitment to the Community 2014

    Awarded by Boris Johnson
  • Nominated BBC ‘All in the Mind’ Award 2014
  • Winner of Points of Light Award March 2015
    Awarded by David Cameron
  • Winner ‘Making a Difference’ National Positive Practice Award 2016
  • Calm Harm created by Dr Krause for stem4 has won
    The National Positive Practice Award 2016 ‘Digital and Clinical Innovations in Health Practice’
  • Finalist AXA PPP ‘Health Tech and You Award’ 2017, featured in the London Design Museum and also featured in their ‘Heroes in Health tech’ series
  • Winner Northern Digital Award Best App 2018
  • Winner UK Digital Experience Award 2018, ‘Not for Profit’ Gold Award

Youth Parliament

Mentor for young people’s mental health




School Nurse Conference, Hounslow and Richmond Community Trust
“Wish I had this information before. Thank you it was brilliant!”
“Fantastic conference. Very informative. Thank you”.
“A huge amount covered – very useful thanks”.
“Exceptional Training, thank you”.
“Found the day very interesting and inspiring”.
“Excellent speaker. Very informative and easy to listen to”.

Deputy Head, Pastoral KCS
“Thank you for this morning’s seminar; I thought that it was excellent and I have had many positive comments from staff. Well done and thanks again for all your efforts and support”.


“Thank you for all your help. It has enabled me to have a completely different mindset and recover from what has been a difficult journey in life”.

“Dr Krause has not only helped my daughter recover from a serious eating disorder but she has helped our family to learn new ways of communication, thank you”.

“Dr Krause is gentle, kind and caring and very insightful and wise in her application of psychological treatments. I am pleased to say I am much happier since I’ve been seeing her”.

“My son was referred to a number of professionals. The only person he engaged and worked well with was Dr Krause”.


“Dr Nihara Krause is our resident Psychologist on the Chrissy B Show. From the first day she came on as a guest, I was very impressed with her vast knowledge of mental health and wellbeing matters – we just had to invite her to be a regular contributor. She is extremely passionate about what she does, but she’s not just a professional – one of the things I most love about her is the genuine care she has for people which always shines through on the show.”
Chrissy B, Presenter of the Chrissy B Show