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ITV This Morning ‘I only eat cheese and chips’

Chrissy B Show SKY TV:
Feb 2014 Body Image Issues
May 2014 Self-Esteem
June 2014 Siblings
July 2014 Dealing with loss
September 2014 Eating Disorders
October 2014 Improving your mental health including MINDYOUR5
December 2014 Men’s mental health
February 2015 Eating Disorders
March 2015 Bullying and its psychological effects
April 2015 Self-esteem
May 2015 Depression
June 2015 men and mental health
July 2015 launch of new show
September 2015 Dealing with bad news
October 2015 World Mental Health Day
February 2016 Eating Disorders at work
May 2016 stress
June 2016 eating disorders
August 2016 mental health
September 2016 suicide
Infertility and its effects on mental health May 2017
Good Morning Britain ‘Children as young as four presenting with mental health problems’
Good Morning Britain ‘Prince Harry speaks out about the importance of seeking help’
BBC Facebook Live May 2017

SKY News:
November 2011 Teenage Mental Health
July 2013 Adult Survivors of childhood abuse
March 2015 Managing self-harm
Self Harm April 2017

Al Jazeera news:
Eating Disorders February 2015

Panel Discussion:
‘Raising Girls’, Sheer Luxe event, 2016
Sheer Luxe 2017 ‘Children and the Internet’

TV Productions:
Dr Krause has worked as the Psychologist for the TV series
The Family
The Hotel

Could Virtual Reality treat Anxiety? BBC News

Chrissy B 2018
Eating disorders in children and steps to take
Working with trauma and what you can do
Dealing with Infertility
Men and over exercising
How to develop confidence


  • BBC 5 Live ‘Young Bloggers who advise’ July 2015
  • Radio Jackie – National Suicide Awareness Day September
  • For the LindaMcCartney Project on Eating habits in University Students Nov 2015
  • BBC Radio Herts
  • BBC Radio Beds
  • BBC Radio Bucks
  • BBC Radio Derby
  • Pirate 2 FM Cornwall
  • Brighton’s Juice 107.2
  • Radio Yorkshire
  • Sun FM 103.4
  • Big City Radio
  • Beverley FM
  • WFM Cheshire
  • Express FM Portsmouth
  • Wessex FM
  • Radio Verulum St Albans

2016 :

2017 :

BBC Radio 5 live ‘Vloggers and their role in supporting mental health, May 2017

Psychology of Double Income no Kids (DINKS) couples National Radio stations

2018 :

BBC Radio 5 live Virtual reality and the treatment of Phobias
BBC Radio 5 live We want to hear about your phobias and how you fight them
BBC Radio 1 Funding for children’s mental health services