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Schools & Universities

Schools & Universities


Dr Krause has delivered workshops and seminars to over 225 schools.

Dr Krause has been invited to school conferences to share her views on how to develop emotional resilience as well as how to best manage student and teacher mental ill health issues within schools in order to make positive recovery.

She has a research interest in supporting high achievers and managing clinical perfectionism within school. She is also interested in developing excellence and how competitive style affects performance and has created her own ‘MERIT” programme to enable ways to reach your full potential.

“Dr Krause has worked with a variety of schools in developing well-being programmes as well as offering teacher training and parent talks.”


Dr Krause is a visiting lecturer on Eating Disorders for the Postgraduate Clinical Psychology course and the Postgraduate Counselling Psychology course at Surrey University.

She has also been invited to speak at University College London on managing a variety of mental health conditions within occupational settings and at Imperial College London on student mental health.

Dr Krause is keen to focus on enabling the best possible transition from school to University and to think through ways of supporting young adults, particularly in the areas of depression and eating disorders.