App Creator and Author

Calm Harm

Developed by Dr Krause, Calm Harm is based on the principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

Co-created with teenagers, the app provides tasks that encourage users to distract themselves from urges to self-harm and help manage their “emotional mind” in a more positive way.

To date, Calm Harm has been downloaded nearly 1 million times with 93% of users reporting a reduction in the urge to self-harm.

Clear Fear

Clear Fear is an app developed by Dr Nihara Krause and uses the evidence-based treatment Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to focus on learning to reduce the physical responses to threat by learning to breathe, relax and be mindful as well as changing thoughts and behaviours and releasing emotions.

Like Calm Harm, Dr Krause worked with a group of teenagers requesting their feedback on desired outputs, user journeys, visual concepts, security/privacy, user experience and tone of voice.

In 7 months, there have been 40,000 downloads.

Combined Minds

Combined Minds is a free to use app to help families and friends support young people with their mental health.

Combined Minds uses a ‘strengths-based’ approach which has been shown to be effective in  recovery. This approach moves away from the ‘deficits’ that individuals with mental health difficulties  might be said to show or experience and instead focusses on resourcefulness and resilience.

Author - Outside In

An accomplished writer, Nihara Krause has used her intimate knowledge of the mind to explore three personalities in her mystery novel ‘Outside In’.

Have you ever felt different or that you don’t belong?

Maya, a young British woman worries about being different and tries to consolidate herself by putting together her life story through summarising her diaries. What she discovers surprises her.

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