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Dr Krause offers workshops and seminars in schools and through her charity involvement with stem4. She also offers workshops to Primary and Secondary schools independently on her MINDYOUR5 programme and on a variety of topics on mental health as well as her areas of specialism.

As part of the clinical psychology service she offers to Kings College School in London she runs regular seminars for students and parents.


Haileybury College
Kent College
St John’s Epsom
Kings College School
Thomas’ Clapham
Guildford High School
North London Collegiate School
Hurlingham School
Lycee Francaise

Work Seminars

Dr Krause offers workshops in the workplace which include topics on mental health and neuropsychology.

Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
Hogan Lovells
Standard Chartered
Rothschild Bank
Societe General
Macquarie Bank
CIPD, Wimbledon


  • Optimus Conference, London ‘Managing Depression in Schools’
  • True Grit’ Kings College School London
  • Speaker – Royal Grammar School Newcastle upon Tyne
  • ‘Out of Character’ Conference
  • The HMC Deputy Heads Conference
    British Psychological Society, Children and Young People’s Division, Birmingham Conference
  • KASS Conference ‘Children in Education at an unprecedented time of change’
  • 5th Able, Gifted and Talented Conference, London
  • Astellas Innovation Challenge
  • HCMA Junior Schools Leamington Spa
  • Annual SEND Conference in Swindon
  • 19th National SEND Conference for Independent Schools
  • stem4 GP Conference: Early identification and management of eating disorders and self-harm in primary care
  • ‘Raising Girls’ panel, Sheer Luxe
  • RCGP Conference ‘One Day Essential: Mental Health’
  • Westminster Higher Education Forum Keynote Seminar: ‘Improving Student Wellbeing, behavioural risks, active lifestyle and mental health’
  • Sodexo conference on Children and Young People’s Mental Health, Edinburgh
  • Hidden Harms, University of Suffolk
  • Resilience Conference St Marys Calne
  • RCGP Conference, One Day Mental Health Essentials, London
  • RCGP Conference, One Day Mental Health Essentials, Cardiff
  • GSA Independent School Conference, Chester
  • Sheer Luxe Conference, Children and Technology

Student Conferences

Hosted by a school for up to ten schools in the area

  • Ursuline High School
  • Harris Academy
  • Hollyfield School
  • Guildford High School
  • Newstead Wood School
  • Wimbledon College
  • St Marys Calne
  • Impington International College
  • Surrey Consortium of Colleges

Conferences for Professionals for stem4

  • stem4 conference for school nurses on teenage mental health 2013
  • Independent School Nurse conference KCS 2013
  • stem4 conference for school nurses – Managing eating disorders and self -harm 2015
  • stem4 conference for school nurses, Richmond and Twickenham NHS 2015
  • stem4 conference for school nurses, Merton and Sutton NHS 2015
  • stem4 conference for GPs 2016

Seminars for Professionals

  • GP training St Hellier Hospital –Depression and self-harm 2017
  • GP Training Kingston – Eating Disorders 2017