Award-winning Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Nihara Krause BSc(Hons), MSc, PsychD, C.Psychol,C.Sci, AFBPsS Consultant Clinical Psychologist, HCPC registered

Dr Krause is a highly experienced Consultant Clinical Psychologist and lecturer in adolescent and adult mental health. Having worked as an NHS Consultant specialising in eating disorders and self-harm, she now runs her own private practice.

Dr Krause has a particular interest in developing resilience in young people, their families and schools; in the psychological traits of high achievers and in creating mental health Apps. She is a member of the expert group on policy for the British Psychological Society and has spoken at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on behalf of the Society.

Dr Krause offers talks and lectures at numerous universities, and has spoken at multiple conferences in the UK and Internationally. She has provided expert input into the enquiry on the Internet and Mental Health at the House of Lords, the Children's Society enquiry on screen time and social media and has been the mentor for mental health for the Youth Health Parliament. She has been quoted in a variety of newspapers and magazines, appears regularly as an expert on SKY, C4 news and on ‘This Morning' and has been on several radio shows.

She has been involved in productions with the BBC, Dragonfly TV, and Minnow. She is the CEO and founder of stem4, teenage mental health charity and is the creator of the MINDYOUR5 well-being programme for schools.

Dr Krause has developed the 'Calm Harm' App to help manage the urge to self-harm, currently with around a million downloads in over 171 countries and 'Clear Fear' App to help manage anxiety together with Head-Ed, a series of educational videos. About to be released is ‘Combined Minds’.

Dr Krause was awarded the Mayor of London Award 2014, the 'Point of Light Award' in 2015, the Positive Practice Award 2017 and the Merton 2018 award. In 2019 Dr Krause received the British Citizen Award for outstanding contribution to mental health.

"Dr Krause is gentle, kind and caring and very insightful and wise in her application of psychological treatments. I am pleased to say I am much happier since I've been seeing her."