Award-winning Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Nihara Krause BSc(Hons), MSc, PsychD, C.Psychol,C.Sci, AFBPsS Consultant Clinical Psychologist, HCPC registered

Dr Krause is a highly experienced Consultant Clinical Psychologist and lecturer in adolescent and adult mental health.

Dr Nihara Krause is an award-winning Consultant Clinical Psychologist, lecturer, international speaker and founder and CEO of stem4, teenage mental health charity. She works as a clinician with older adolescents and adults and has specific expertise in eating disorders, self-harm, trauma and clinical perfectionism. She has a keen interest in providing tools to build resilience from birth through to adulthood. Her wellbeing programme, MINDYOUR5 and digital mental health literacy programme, HEAD-ED has been accessed by over 700 schools. She has written numerous resources on mental health including looking after your mental health in the pandemic, translated into 6 languages. She is the clinical creator of 4, evidence based mental health apps: Calm Harm, Clear Fear, Combined Minds and Move Mood downloaded across the world over 2.5 million times. Three of the apps also have accompanying resources to help over the pandemic. She has created an anxiety management video for people apprehensive of having their vaccination, rolled out in several centres in the UK. Nihara is a ‘Bloss’ expert on perinatal and postnatal mental health issues. She has spoken to a great number of corporates on mental health matters.

Nihara has been the mentor for mental health for the Youth Health Parliament, contributed to the House of Lords enquiry and Children’s Society on cyberbullying and the Facebook ‘Empathy Project.’ She has been part of the BPS expert group advising on policy. Nihara contributes regularly to TV, radio and the media.

"Dr Krause is gentle, kind and caring and very insightful and wise in her application of psychological treatments. I am pleased to say I am much happier since I've been seeing her."