The Amazing Dr Nihara Krause on Resilience During Lockdown




Expert reviewer – Holland and Barrett website 2019…/perfectionist-meaning-traits-mental-healt……/Recommended-to-us-helpful-Apps-an…

The Guardian 24th October 2015 Memory Star: The app that’s not for sharing

Family doctors fear a mental health scandal waiting to happen, Dr Nihara Krause, Guardian on line, May 2016 (

Care for Children with Mental Health Problems is Woeful say GP’s, front page, Sunday Observer May 2016 (

‘The Rise of Anorexia Athletica’,, 15th August 2016

‘Mental Health Problems rife amongst Teenagers but Teacher lack skills to help’

Education Journal editorial the crisis in young people’s mental health, 397, 14 Jan 2020

SKY News 20th Jan Blue Monday
Northampshire Country Council news COVID-19 guidance for the public on mental health and wellbeing

The Sunday Times, April 2020 Young People Mental Health and COVID-19


Resident Psychologist Chrissy B Show – SKY
Monthly contribution from 2014 – ongoing


ITV – This Morning, SKY, Al Jazeera, BBC, London Live, Click, BBC Facebook Live

Good Morning Britain

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Dr Krause has worked as the Psychologist for the TV series
The Family
The Hotel


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TRT World


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Nominet, Tallis, NHS Digital



Clear Fear – Five Live, Capital 2019

Calm Harm – Radio 5, LBC 2019



BBC Radio 5 live Virtual reality and the treatment of Phobias

BBC Radio 5 live We want to hear about your phobias and how you fight them

BBC Radio 1 Funding for children’s mental health services



BBC Radio 5 live ‘Vloggers and their role in supporting mental health, May 2017

Psychology of Double Income no Kids (DINKS) couples National Radio stations



audioBoom – The average family spends less than four hours of quality time together a week, according to research published by The New Covent Garden Soup. Clinical Psychologist Dr Nihara Krause tells us more

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BBC 5 Live ‘Young Bloggers who advise’ July 2015

Radio Jackie – National Suicide Awareness Day September

For the LindaMcCartney Project on Eating habits in University Students Nov 2015

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